The Cachaca Janeiro is 100% Brazilian distillate of beverage made from fermented of pressed sugar cane juice.

Produced and bottled in the state of Rio de Janeiro continuously since 1886 and it is recognized as the perfect ingredient to build mellow, refreshing and tasty caipirinha.

The quality of Cachaca Janeiro ensured by careful selection and screening of sugarcane (unlike other Cachaca, cane is selected by hand) as well as the absence of combustion, which ensures the elimination of any impurities from the juice

The secret of Cachaca Janeiro is the spirit of Carioca. The bottle says everything about Rio.

From the curves of Corcovado to the pedestrians of world-famous Copacabana, the Janeiro pays tribute to the spirit of Carioca: they choose Oxossi patron goddess and highlight the authenticity of a nation using the best materials of nature.