Mumm Gordon Rouge

Mumm Gordon Rouge, the flagship of the G. H. Mumm house, created in 1875. Originally designed for the nobles who were honored with distinctions, during the period of Napoleon, luxurious bottle of Mumm Gordon Rouge brought a silky red ribbon at finish, the symbol of the famous "Legion of Honor".

Since its creation until to date, Mumm Gordon Rouge travels across the globe, stamping moments of joy and celebration with rich and full of caramel, vanilla and honey, the excellent aroma of fresh fruits and lemon and consistently superior quality its wine.

Since 2000, the Mumm Gordon Rouge is the official champagne of Formula 1 Grand Prix and is connected with moments of celebration on the winners’ podium.

The House Mumm Gordon Rouge includes a wide range of high quality champagnes, including Mumm Brutt, Mumm Rosé, Mumm Demi Sec.





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