The grenadine’s syrup EOLIKI has unique sweet pomegranate flavor and crimson color.

Like the EOLIKI liqueur so grenadine syrup mixed very easily and is ideal for creating unique cocktails.

You can use it in fruit punch for extra color and flavor.

The history of Eoliki liqueur begins in 1885 in Smyrna. Ilias Lisas, famous for his unique art as distiller, to his traditional distillery created the original recipe and became the base for Eoliki liqueur.

Their distinctive flavor and high quality make them in the interval from 1885 up to date, the No1 in category of liqueur with fruit base.

The Eoliki liqueur produced from Greek fruits ripened naturally under the Greek sun. The selection procedure of each fruit to be used as a base for Eoliki liqueurs, was made by expert tasters of Eoliki, who inspect freshness, color and quality at the harvest season.




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