Absolut Vodka is one of the top brands in the field of the alcohol drinks all over the world, both in recognition and sales. The Absolut created in the 19th century by L.O. Smith, whose portrait "seals" every bottle of Absolut up to date. Still producing from her birthday water source in Åhus of southern Sweden (the homeland of her generator) to preserve intact its high quality. The winter wheat from the meadows of this region gives Absolut soft, rich flavor.

What makes Absolut the "Absolute" vodka is the distillation process to the point of perfection with a continuous distillation process: a superior method guarantees absolute purity in vodka, while "locks" the taste of the raw materials which compose her.

Absolut has managed to steal the consumers’ heart in every corner of the globe not only for its superior quality but for the impressive communication campaign, too. The Absolut collaborates with famous artists - such as Andy Warhol - their creativity enhances the vitality and freshness of the brand, ensuring continues influence and inspiration.

Absolut has a wide range of flavors with dominant Citron, Mandrin and Vanilia, which produced from 100% natural ingredients and contains no sugar.

Site: www.absolut.gr