The Ballantine's story begins in 1827, when George Ballantine began supplying a selected range of Scotch whiskies to a distinguished clientele from a grocery store in Edinburgh.

In 1895 Queen Victoria awarded George Ballantine - the ultimate endorsement of the company's prestigious reputation.
Nowadays, Ballantine's is the No2 best-selling Scotch whiskey in the world - and the No1 Scotch whiskey in Europe - abstracted many medals and international awards from its quality.

With pale gold color and flavor characterized by notes of vanilla and apple, offers an excellent drinking experience.
The Ballantine's Finest completed by the famous 12 Year Old Ballantines. It is a balanced whiskey, from 40 specially selected malts and grain whiskeys, each one of them has matured for at least 12 years

The result is a whiskey with shiny golden honey color and creamy texture. The flavor is rich and complex with notes of honey, fruits and spices in perfect balance.