Jameson Irish Whiskey

In 1780 John Jameson founded the distillery in Dublin, created a tradition synonymous with quality and success, bringing the art of Irish whiskey distilling to new levels of perfection. The "Sine Metu", the Jameson family philosophy which means "without fear" became the motto that exists on each Jameson bottle.

Nowadays, the Jameson Irish Whiskey travels the Irish spirit in over 120 countries and is the largest in worldwide sales Irish whiskey.

The Jameson Irish Whiskey, triple distilled whiskey, produced from the best Irish barley and pure crystal water. It matures in oak barrels that they used for aging bourbon and sherry.

The result is a distillate with golden color and fruity aroma with subtle notes of oak wood. The taste is highly gentle, sweet, with notes of vanilla. The Jameson «family» supplements four prestigious labels.

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